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Artist Statement

                            My work serves to participate in the user's daily life. Whether a cup of coffee in the morning or a flower vase on the table, the pieces heighten our experiences of dining and relationships.  

                           Functional forms are thrown on the wheel, then adorned with carving and additions of clay.  Decoration is influenced by a variety of organized and repetitive lines, including intricate cakes and architecture. Soft glazes enhance the textures of the surface.

                        The entire making process is stimulating: from centering a lump of clay to softening the rim after each pull, to opening the kiln to reveal the final product. There are specific points to consider and once you’ve figured out the initial throwing process, the possibilities are endless. I find this challenging and addictive. When you add in choices for glaze, surface treatment, scale, and shape, the creations are limitless. 


Liz Boudreaux is an emerging ceramic artist, holding a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma. Liz’s work has been featured in galleries around Oklahoma, as well as regionally and nationally. Her work is mainly wheel thrown and neatly decorated, intended for use and to bring people together. Outside of the studio the ceramist teaches part time at her son Charlie's Montessori Homeschool Hub, attends yoga classes at Dragon Yoga, and enjoys family dinners at home. 

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